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    I have been running the eBay 6040 for 4 months now and it has finally developed a major problem.

    My x-axis is jamming up when it gets near the middle of the axis. It causes the whole gantry to jump as it passes across this area and results in a jagged finish on the work piece which is unusable.
    It only happens when travelling in one direction - pulling towards the stepper (as opposed to pushing away).
    It seems to happen at slightly different points along the axis each time I try to recreate the problem so hopefully it's fixable.
    I would guess that it has got dust inside the bearing. I may have caused this by applying spray grease to the ball screw several weeks ago.
    I am tempted to strip it down and clean everything but this will be a big job that is a bit out of my league.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Kevin
    Sorry to hear about you problem.
    Try spraying with WD40 and running the gantry back & forward full travel, clean ballscrew exterior and repeat, with a bit of luck that might clear the grease and associated dirt, don't have a machine myself so not sure if it's supposed to be oiled or greased.
    Hopefully someone with more experience will be along with some more info

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    Hi mekanik,
    Thanks for your advice.

    I have just discovered a broken bush on the x-axis.

    This is obviously the cause of my problems.

    I am very happy that this is a simple fix. The thought of stripping this down is a daunting one!

    I can't wait to get my new machine from Dean - JazzCNC! It looks like a fantastic machine!

    Thanks again,

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    Here is the broken part. I thought it was called a bush but I'm having no luck finding it on eBay when I search for 'CNC bush' which leads me to believe that it's not a bush! Lol
    Any idea what it's proper name is?

    Buy right or buy twice as they say!
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    Hi Kevin
    Glad you found the problem.
    What your looking for is a flexible coupling.
    Dean's Machine will be a cracker.
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    Thanks again Mike,

    Would these work the same as mine?

    I notice they don't have the slit/hinge running along the width like mine.

    Let me know if you ever need something cut Mike, I owe you one!


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    They should be fine as a direct replacement, however I see allot of this flexable type brake in this way, so I would advise going with a "lovejoy" or even better an "Oldham" type coupling.


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    Hi Kevin
    That's a very kind offer.
    The coupling in the link locates and is locked with a grub screw, yours just has a different clamping arrangement so it will be fine.
    Your coupling will have sheared for a reason, what you need to do is check that the gantry isn't binding for a start, but i would suspect it's probably a slight misalignment of the motor and ballscrew shafts causing the coupling to flex on each rotation and eventually metal fatigue results in a break.
    While your waiting for your coupling try and align the two shafts as best you can, if possible shim the motor to suite.
    Good luck
    or what Lee said
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    Thanks Lee,

    I just purchased the flexible type recommended by Mike.

    I will have a closer look at the Lovejoy & Oldham couplings now.

    I can't wait to see the back of this 6040 toy!

    The Dean-Machine will be a most welcome upgrade!

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    Thanks again Mike,

    That makes sense.

    I will try to get them aligned as best I can but I honestly wouldn't know how to go about this.

    I guess I'd need one of those gismos for super fine measurements. I don't have one but I've seen them used in a few youtube videos.


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