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    hi chaps, ive read the sticky regarding stepper motors and ive really got to admit its hurt my head which is understanable considering im only a 3d designer and not an engineer lol. could someone tell me an easier way to work out what motors i should look for and none of this j=p/h t^p0 lol. i know you guys give good info but id rather know why i chose a motor instead of just going with what someone said if you know what i mean.



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    there are MANY determining factors ..

    and all those factors depends on your machine design .... so you have to disclose everylittle detail on your machine to make any sort of guide line as to what motion system you going to use ...

    right ?

  3. Generally a nema23 with 3Nm of holding torque will be suitable for most machines, ok for all 3 axis's, speed and torque are fine and you can't really go wrong.

    Really it depends on the machine design and specifics, when looking to select a motor for your x axis, on a moving gantry type machine for instance, you would want to know how much total weight that assembly has, then you could plug those numbers into the stepper motor selection calculator also posted as a sticky.


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    thanks chaps, lee which section is that calculator in?



  5. Hi,

    It's here:

    There is also another by JB but I think the spreadsheet one by Irving will be better for you.

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