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    Has anyone replaced the chuck on a Boxford TCL 160 ?

    The chuck itself works fine but I'm in need of some external jaws and I guess it's going to be impossible to get a set to match this chuck, so it looks like I'll need to replace the whole thing with one which has both internal and external jaws.

    There seem to be a cap head bolt under each of the jaws, but the Boxford chucks I can find online seem to be threaded, so I'm not sure what's under this chuck, and I'm loathed to remove it just to find out.

    I'd rather be sure that I can replace it before I disturb it.


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    Just thought I'd mention that a new chuck with inside/outside jaws is available from Boxford for 299+vat


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    A new chinese D100? Chuck costs less then 80 incl VAT from many dealers. Warco, AET, Chronos and many others.

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    I'd thought about a generic chuck. I'm not sure what register or fixings Boxford use to hold their chucks in place.

    I presume I would need to purchase a blank chuck plate and machine the mounting holes and register to suit ?

    At least that way I could also get a four jaw chuck to fit as well.


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