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    Im looking for advice on choosing a cnc milling machine

    Ive looked at axminster, syil, tormach, and denford cnc and xyz but out of my price range.milling machines.

    I would like a machine that can do very small detailed parts up to machining 150mm square tool steel.

    I would prefer single phase 240v so it can be installed in garage.

    I havent done any cnc milling before .

    What should I be looking for in a cnc milling machine?

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    Problem is, as with most things in life, you cant have everything!. CNC is not much different!. you have provided a great example of two completely different types of machine, that I believe, you would struggle to make one machine that covers both requirements.

    In Short, plasma requires fast movements, therefore a light gantry probably with low gearing on the drive.
    Steel requies very slow movement, with a hugely heavy machine (for the strength), and a very high geared drive.

    Im not saying you cannot make one machine that does both. But I am saying, that a single machine doing both wouldnt be very good at either task. Just my opinion others may disagree.

    For the record. If you intend to mill steel... with any decent results you would be far better off buying an actual milling machine and converting it to cnc, than attempting the semi impossible task of building a frame strong enough to handle the forces required.

    Probably best, just outline what your intentions are... read some build logs... there are many... then focus a build (or purchase) around one partiular function?

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    Hi Jeromep
    Welcome to the forum.
    As i didn't see any reference to Plasma cutting i will assume you just need a sturdy milling machine. if you can manage with your quoted cutting area of 150mm square you could make a very rigid fixed gantry machine,others will advise you regarding the spindle speeds required for such a build. do as advised by kingcreaky and have a look @ some of the build logs, thing is 150mm working area is small and once you have it up and running you are going to be wishing you had made it a bit larger, but have a read and give the lads some idea of the type of work you want to do, small work might need a high spindle speed.
    Hopefully Jazz or others will offer some advice.
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    Sorry ignore my reply. I was getting confused with something else :D

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