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    Right, ok, now I get it. I misunderstood.
    Spot on.

    I have a 10-pack of new 2M542 stepper drives, cost 45€ each. Very good drives, I removed the gecko (251) drives from service. Less noise, no back emf, differential (I used single-ended).

    These pair well with the cheap 23 size steppers, and are, as you said, ok for lots of smaller machines.
    Well under 100€, as you said.
    For small machines with nema 23 motors, that type of stuff is good, and cheap.

    Its only once you go to larger steppers and higher voltage/current drivers the cost goes up, and is then about the same as servos.

    Quote Originally Posted by JAZZCNC View Post
    Hannu I didn't say EM808 I said EM806 and the AM882 which is pretty much the same drive can be bought for £50 add £25 for 3Nm nema 23 and that's well under £100. I fit these all the time to routers and they easily handle what is required for router machine this size.

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    I have started looking at the electrical side of the project. I noticed that GTJim switched to the PMDX-126 BOB, and has a setup very similar to my own. Since the Pilz safety relay PNOZ X9 seems to be available from eBay for reasonable prices, and I do not have much experience with these relays, I have based my diagram on the very nice drawings that GTJim has made.
    I have a few questions though:

    • You can connect the stepper drivers to the BOB as open collector (common anode) or PNP (common cathode). Has anyone noticed any differences (with eg. noise) by using one or the other type?
    • The stepper drivers have Enable signal terminals – which output terminals from PMDX-126 should you use?
    • The stepper drivers also have alarm signal terminals – if you would like to use this function how should it be implemented? Should the relay cut power or activate the K pin (machine hold function) on the BOB?
    • GTJim has implemented a limit override switch – what is the practical use for this?
    • Can you use the K1 or K2 relay (in PMDX-126 for controlling a vacuum cleaner?
    • I also noticed that GTJIm uses a separate time delay relay for the power supply (1 to 10s). But this is not really required. I noticed that the Pilz safety relay has an on-delay of approx. 150ms (PNOZ 10) which is perfect for this use. 1 to 10 s is way too long time and only results in heating up the resistor. I could not find a data sheet/wiring diagram for Pilz PNOZ X9. Does anyone have a link for this?
    • I am not sure if I should use single or 3-phase connection to spindle motor. 3-phase operation can be implemented by using a contactor controlled from the Pilz safety relay.
    • Mains power indicator – since the other power supplies have indicators I think that this one is not really required
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    #1 No difference really take you pick.!
    #2 Any spare output you want to use. Then set Mach3 Enable output to that pin number.
    #3 Use the Fault Input.
    #4 Because when you trip a limit then you need to temp override that limit to drive off the switch.
    #5 Yes
    #6 Google is your friend try this.!
    #7 Can only use three phase if it's a Three phase Input which it won't be unless you asked for 3 phase input VFD. If single phase Just use R & S or R & T both work.
    #8 This so you can see it's powered up on the outside of the control box. Personal choice but I prefer to see if box is powered so it doesn't get left on.

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    Great - thanks a lot JAZZ. I have made changes according to your input.
    1. Will keep as is.
    6. Google must be a better friend of yours than mine - I could not find it, so thank you for the link.
    7. From the datasheet for the Huanyang HY02D2223B it looks like it can be used both for connection to single phase and 3-phase.
    8. Yes, I was not so clear here. I intend to put the LEDs for the three power supplies on the front of the control box and I think that would really be sufficient
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