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    The ISO30 ATC spindle has a cost of 1300 to me, with the sales tax paid, here in the EU.
    I import my own stuff, and can include extras in each lof, if someone wants some.
    These usually arrive about once per month.

    The spindle has 7000 rpm bearings, theoretically.

    Im not sure, actually, what I will use to power it.
    I will probable get a servo, and I will probably need to order it with the next lot of stuff.

    My bridgeport mill 3-phase motor works.
    I have a spare 2.2 kW VFD.
    A new motor (second hand) is very cheap.
    So, for maybe 100-150 I can get a 2-3 kW motor, and I might do that to try.

    I dont have spare, large, servos, only 750 and 400W ones, atm, but this changes.

    I very much wish to do rigid tapping, and high-speed accelerations, ie servo.
    Yet, a 2-3 kW servo is about 1600.

    The spindle should handle 5-7 kW, theoretically.
    My machine frame, hopefully, will do 3 kW.
    If it does, I will be Very Happy.

    Anything above 1 kW cutting power is fine, for me.
    The machine is very large re_frame, but I dont expect to do major metal removal. If I do start doing so, then a big servo is the first thing.

    Quote Originally Posted by JAZZCNC View Post
    Ye and After spending trying.!!

    Hannu where are you buying Iso30 spindles from @1300euro.? Also what rpm bearings.? I presume your using a Servo to power it.? If so what size and RPM.

    Hows the Lathe upgrade coming along.? I'd like to see this working when it's finished so please post a video. Also the mill. .

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    The lathe upgrade is progressing !!
    Wenesday, first side plates, friday, last side plates, friday, the lockbar tap broke inside the spindle motor lockbar piece !

    Today, after getting new M8 tap, main drive lockbar is in place !
    This locks the spindle mount solidly in pace.
    Material is 20 mm thick tool steel plate, and 30x50x350 mm bars, 3 of.
    All on top of the lathe, where they belong.

    I learned this trick from Haas.
    When the motor is above the spindle, the heat does not go into the spindle and headstock.

    Now, to disassemble all the main spindle, new saddle, mounts and sideplates.
    Sand everything (dirty, noisy, heavy work. Yum. But goes fast, with a festool 1400W industrial hand sander).
    Leave to dry till monday ..

    2. or keep going, until x axis servo is in place.
    Maybe option (2)..

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    Especially the ATC is handy , but the ridget tapping is not needed.
    I use this:

    For M5-M10 thread with my HF spindle 2.2kw , they also have it for other sizes and other kinds of thread mill.
    It is really easy to set up using HSMWORKS or HSMEXPRESS, doing it with fusion 360 is not hard either.

    In that case you would not need a servo but just a simple 3 phase motor.

    NYCCNC guy has a video about thread milling, he also explains the downsides of ridged tapping etc...

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    Your completely right about thread milling.
    My customer base thinks rigid tapping is a basic, needed, feature.
    Thus, I have a commercial incentive to demonstrate it.

    So that the stuff can be taken seriously.

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    In that case... as long as they are willing to pay extra for that functionality than you can go for that feature without making costly compromises.

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    Some pics or vids of this beast please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hanermo2 View Post
    Its perfectly possible to build, yourself, a machine for milling steel.
    99.9% of people who start, fail.

    I scratch-built a VMC.
    It went like this.. (as my wife reminds me..)
    A couple of weekends and some hundreds of ...

    ((Router->Bridgeport M head-> ISO30 spindle)).

    15.000 work hours later, I am finishing the V3 iteration of what is now a commercial quality VMC.

    This is what it entails;
    32 mm ballscrews, 1200 mm working length
    Moving table, in steel, 1600x500 mm, 60 mm thick, 200 kg in mass (will double to 400 kg and 11 cm thick)
    35 mm linear rails and trucks
    ISO30 spindle (about 1300, they are not that expensive)
    Brushless AC servos, 400W, 1.3 Nm continuous, 3.9 Nm peak
    125 kHz hardware controller for high pulse rates

    Current step size is 0.2-0.3 microns on each axis.
    Machine is 2.3 wide, 1.6 m tall, 2 m deep, approx 2000 kg in mass, all built in basic local tool steel "F1 calibrado".
    Table size is 1600x500, with 1200 x 1200 work area.

    Most people wont have the patience, time, space and ability to continue for so long, until you finish something like this.
    I am now a professional machine builder, with factory training from a major manufacturer (2 years ago).
    My own machine costs about 20k in components.

    Retrofitting an old manual metalworking mill is much easier and cheaper.
    A scratch built machine is much better (more work envelope for cost and volume, more rigid for the mass and size).

    Current machine rigidity is 17N/um, which is acceptable industrially.
    Goals are 10-70N/um rigidity according to industrial guides and textbooks on machine design.

    A good set of retrofit gear costs about 2500 and up.
    Some pics / vids of this machine?

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