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  1. We bought a BZT PFL-3 in my day job.

    We have the machine less than 6 months and it has been a solid nightmare

    1. The EStop has not worked since day 1 - Contacted BZt and they just disabled it

    2. After 2 months of little use the Axes started stalling randomly - Contacted BZT and they said the machine needs new ballscrews and motors. They sent new ballscrews and motors and charged almost 400 + Shipping. Fitted them and NO FIX. the machine still stalls when on the rapid movement.

    3. The spindle just stopped turning on also. M3 does nothing.

    For the total cost of almost 5000 take my advice and do not buy BZT. I have contacted them and no replies. This is not my own machine but belongs to the company I work for. I am trying to get it working. I will post a video of the problem later. Ballscrews are ISEL, drivers are cheapo Chinese make and home switches are Hartmann.

    At this stage I just want to send it back to them and get our money back however I doubt we will ever see the money again!

  2. Been doing some troubleshooting.

    1. Power on software
    2. Power on control unit
    3. Enable drives
    4. Home Machine - machine homes OK
    5. Rapid machine to X, Y and Z limits - no problem
    6. G28 to bring machine to home - axes stall.

    I have backed rapids down to almost nothing and always stalls when going back to home. Def not a hardware issue as the machine never stalls going forward. Only coming back. Also stalls are in X, Y and Z axes therefore I cannot see it being a mechanical problem.

    Going to email BZT again tomorrow.

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    This is a electrical / settings problem , nothing to do with the machine.
    It probably runs eding cnc , I and many others use the same controller with no problems.



    Motors are pretty sturdy ... so they probably are fine if there is a problem It would be in the driver / controller board (unlikely) or cabling.

    You could also re-flash / update the firmware of the board ... not that It should do much but still.

    Can you make video's or whatever of what is happening?
    Than I can try to help you.

    Also the Owner of Eding CNC is really responsive. If the controller really is defect he will probably be the one to help you out.
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  4. Took the machine apart today and did some tests.

    Yes I think you are quite right that the control board it shot. There is also a BZT BOB.I cannot tell if this is broken.

    I got a reply today after numerous emails and they asked for me to ship the machine back to them to fix. As the problem is electrical not sure why they would not just send out 2 new boards to try. Gonna cost us quite a bit to ship it back to Germany.

    The boards are not too expensive but just going to send it back in any case.
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    tbh I do not think that board is broken as i never have heard of one that broke.
    Might be best to upgrade the firmware on the device and "start fresh" with new settings for the cnc. Just follow the manual.

    I'm not sure if your machine has this:

    But that could also be whats causing you trouble. It might be the watchdog or whatever tripping from "noise".

  6. I will take a picture not of the inner electronics. I do not think it has this board

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    You could send your cnc.ini file to the designer:
    He might be able to tell whats wrong.

    Or ask a question (in english) on this forum:
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  8. BZT have their own parameters that you copy to the CNC 4.01 folder when installing the software and the USB driver.

    To reintall the firmware I assume you mean take out the board download latest version and write to board via USB?

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    You do not have tu "use" their values , this is just a "simple" 3 axis cnc , it is not rocket science. It might be something in their settings file that might cause the explainable "stall".

    Checking the stepper wires / other connections is also wise.

  10. The wiring seems OK as it runs OK when started up fresh. The problem only happens a few mins after running

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