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    Yeah... I would contact bart eding on that subject .. this is quite weird
    It also might it be that there is a bad connection and vibrations / current draw are causing the stall / step loss issue.
    I would just check the resistance of the wires.
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  2. Will do now.

    Just taking the boards off first

  3. Will the firmware version affect the BTZ files etc?

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    Firmware Is just for the device, the settings have influence on the control software (CNC 4.01 or whatever you are using).
    The firmware version usually also has an accompanied new control software version. Depending on the changes there might be "new" variables added to the newly generated cnc.ini (will be in different install folder than your old cnc ).

  5. Latest seems to be release 4.02 and firmware 1.11. Board type CPU5A.

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    How I did it is to make screenshots of the settings of the old controller software and entered the values to the new control software manually.
    Machine worked without issues.

  7. On second thoughts I think I better not proceed as I could void the warranty as the machine is only 6 months old.

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    I do not see how updating the firmware (as recommended by the maker Bert Eding) is voiding your warranty.
    Also If you bought it as an business you probably have none warranty unless it is especially stated in the terms of sales / terms of service.

  9. This machine was bought for a business. They have confirmed it has a warranty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fidia View Post
    6. G28 to bring machine to home - axes stall.
    Define what you call a stall.? . . . . Because the fact you can home contradicts this.!!

    Are you sure it's just not stopping in a place your not expecting or are the motors actually stalling, has in making high pitch whining noise.?

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