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  1. Ha ha that statement was a brain dump lol. As I said return to vendor is the best way to adjust the voltage or put it on the 380V line for a minute lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by DuffelBuffelWuffel View Post
    Some of the digital drives from Leadshine cannot handle 125Khz steprate,they need a setting of 90Khz or lower.
    Again not having go at you with this reply it's more for the sake of others who may read it.!! . . . And the OP.!

    This is not true at all I've fitted 100's of leadshine Digital drives and they easily handle 125Khz and will infact work perfectly fine at 200Khz or more provided the BOB and Controller can handle it.!

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    That was directly from the eding cnc manual , I'm not making this up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DuffelBuffelWuffel View Post
    That was directly from the eding cnc manual , I'm not making this up.
    Didn't think for one minute you where and please don't take offense. It's just I've used Leadshine Digital drives for years and fitted just about all the models in there range and never had any issues with Khz issues.
    I soley use Motion controllers with a minimum frequency of 125Khz and never seen this problem so I'd be suspicious to whether it's Eding blaming someone else for weak link at there end.?
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    It can be that there are/were some leadshine copies on ebay or a bad batch. Causing the crystal / clock signal to be out of spec which may lead to timing issues at higher speeds or when the conditions are just right. But who knows ... just speculating here.

    Anyway, the OP has to post quite a bit more info here for ppl to help hem.

    - Picture of dip switches settings for each of the drivers + model numbers + model numbers steppers
    - Model number of the power supply
    - Upload the cnc.ini file somewhere ( for example or the forum or copy the text and put it on )
    - What works and what does not work ? Do other axis work , if you just click step (click once a second or so) with the onscreen jog pad does it still have any issues or does the stalling stop?
    - If other axis work , try switching the drivers / motors and see what happens.

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