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    Morning, thanks for getting back to us.

    I may have another one coming to me shortly instead, would you like me to post all the dimensions if so?


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    I have the same Vice with my little 165HMC, so I can make a draft of it,
    But it have a bit strange dimensions. I have measured only the distance from one thread to another from the bracket. That was 124mm over 5 threads.
    That is not metric nor imperial the nearest imperial is 125/128" or metric 24,8mm. Strangely, (but good for me in a metric country) the complecte screws have metric threads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesgates1000 View Post
    Hi guys, Lee sorry I didn't reply to your message a while back. I didn't make the vice I sold, just sold it because I needed the money, but wished I had taken all dimensions so I could of copied it exactly. They seem quite rare now so could be a good money maker!
    Wayne , I sold a load of the boards and the tool carousel, but I still have the stepper drivers. They are parkers like yours but I am going to use them on my conversion when I get round to finishing it.
    Ok thank you if you do not want them anymore please give me first refusal they are the ones I need Parker sd3s

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