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    would any one have a clue about mounting a kress1050 router in a soundproof box as oppose to soundproofing my entire workshop, unsure of air flow and heat etc

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    would any one have a clue about mounting a kress1050 router in a soundproof box as oppose to soundproofing my entire workshop, unsure of air flow and heat etc
    I recently Repaired/converted a Denford A3 HSR-i2 router which is fully enclosed and the main issue with this router is the heat generated.
    It used a Porter cable router with much larger fan than the Kress and still suffered with the heat. Between the Router and the Steppers the heat inside the cabinet affected the overall performance and in the end is what killed this machine.

    So I suggest if you do enclose that you fit fans to pull heat out and cold air into the cabinet.
    Fit Fans and/or heat sinks on the steppers to prolong life and still have decent performance.

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    If you add an enclosure with an acoustic lining then the noise will be reduced, but when you cut the holes for the inlet and outlet fan(s) some of the noise will escape.

    That may be OK but to reduce this you can add an acoustically lined pipe to the inlet and outlet with ideally at least one 90 degree bend in it. This will allow the air in without too much restriction, but absorb most of the sound which escapes through the holes.

    Another option to help is fit a water cooled spindle instead and have the radiator / bucket outside the enclosure.
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    Do you mean enclosing just the router spindle itself, or the whole CNC machine? The cutter head itself makes a lot of noise when going through material.

    I made an enclosure for my whole machine. Simple box made of 12mm plasterboard and some acoustic foam tiles inside. The plasterboard isolates the sound, but then it needs to dissipate so the foam helps there. A double layer plasterboard with 'quiet glue' in the middle would help a lot. You must understand that *any* gaps and holes significantly decrease sound proofing, as do windows, vents etc..

    I sealed all doors on my enclosure with draft excluder strip. As soon as the door opens a few cm the sound isolation is gone.

    I don't have a vent, but firstly the enclosure is large (to fit floorstanding 600m x 1200mm router) so there is a good capacity of air to circulate and secondly the dust extraction is in effect a vent pulling air out of the enclosure at a fast rate. Spindle is water cooled.

    A book such as master handbook of acoustics or recording studio design might help with the fundamentals of sound proofing :) The latter probably gives more details on isolation practices.

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    By the way, I've just noted that chapter 3 - Sound Isolation is largely available to read in the Amazon book preview.

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