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    yeah i regulary use a 20mm end mill just to get lots of meterial away at once then switch to a smaller cutter for final finish. i had a massive problem with my sem motor, smoke the lot. the rpm keep jumping up and down by like 500rpm when running. ive installed sinplde feedback into mach.

    so i recently sent the motor away for repair, cost me 500 but it has been working very good since the repair. the brushes on mine looked fine but there was clealy another issue.

    mine is bt35

    8k with some decent torque would be ace. things like this pop up on ebay regulary, but its trying to find out the exact spec of the motor thats the difficult part -

    ive also been working on a 10 station atc for my triac, it currently only has a 6 station
    Mmmm, found my own thread with google. So, my motor is giving problems. Would you by any chance have any spare brushes? Who did your repair for the motor?

  2. Ive got my 1.5KW motor for Thor's Y Axis. I think this might work to get me out of a pickle .....

    Will fabricate a hand made plate, at least something good enough to get started. Looks like the size will fit, just need a different pulley, this might work ....

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