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    You're right of course I should know better and have dabbled recently with a bit of manual editing of G-Code. I'll likely have a crack at shortening the operation time on this part if I need to cut another one like a good CNC padawan should :)
    Look towards subs using M98 and "L" option for repeating and then using G91 incremental mode for stepping over inside the sub.!! . . . . have fun it's good exercise worth the effort in long run for simple stuff like this.

    Another good tool often under used is Mach3's mdi and Teach tool.? Teach remembers the Mdi commands and writes them to txt file. Great for short runs or odd unusual jobs that are best done with MDI air cutting first.!! (I often use MDI for creeping up on dimensions or correcting Cock ups, not that I ever make any of course.! ). . . . Try it you'll be surprised how easy it is and quite rewarding.
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    p.s. Next video with guitars needs to show you banging out a tune !
    Nearly forgot this one - there are 3 bits of music I'm playing, which are buried in the videos on the channel - one should be fairly obvious (:cough: Falcon 4 Development video ) and then there's the doubleneck guitar project intro video, which has me butchering what must be by now a Geordie folk song riff and another where I'm finger-picking on a 12 string.

    I am slowly recording other incidental music so I can dispense with the Youtube royalty free stuff, but I think my stage days maybe behind me - might demo the guitars I make though......

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