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    Just about to buy a Chinese CNC3040 and I'm after advice for PCB milling and drilling small parts to bootstrap a bigger mill.

    I have a pillar drill but no other "big tools" so the next mill will be ali' plate and extrusions.

    With an electronics and S/W background the problems will be on the H/W side :) (I hope)

    My preferred OS is Linux (Lubuntu) but I have a Win 7 PC available too. (Oh and Arduinos and Raspberry Pis).

    My budget is tight but I have time so I can spread the expense.

    Should I go LinuxCNC or Mach3 ?

    Chat to ya soon


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    First Welcome Chewie,

    Quote Originally Posted by Chewieb View Post
    Should I go LinuxCNC or Mach3 ?
    Given your S/W background and tight budget then it's a no brainer got be Linux Cnc.!

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    Thanks JazzCNC

    mmm sure, I installed LinuxCNC on an old PC a year ago and it died after an upgrade which is strange for a LTS distro ! Maybe my old rig was too crappy :)

    Just bad luck ? I'm here to find out more about S/W or system reliability.

    I'll hop over to LinuxCNC again and have another look. :)


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