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    Hi to all,

    I bought this VFD . I am having problems to make it work.
    Can somebody more experienced have a look and tell me what settings do I need for this to run the spindle?

    Thank for your time

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    Quote Originally Posted by gabi68 View Post
    Hi to all,

    I bought this VFD . I am having problems to make it work.
    Can somebody more experienced have a look and tell me what settings do I need for this to run the spindle?

    Thank for your time
    Need you to be a bit more specific than "Having problems making it work".

    What is or isn't happening.?
    What have you done or tried.?
    Have you set the parameters in VFD.? . . . . If so which ones and to what values.?

    Are you sure it's wired correctly.? Tell or show how you wired it.!
    Are you start/stoping/speed control manually or thru machine Control software.?

    Give us or me some starting point and I'm sure we'll have you working soon enough.!

    Edit: Also some details on the Spindle. Ie: Max speed and frequency, Rated voltage and Amps wrote on side
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    Hi Jazz,

    I did not wire the spindle, but I think if I put live to R/L1 and neutral to S/L2/N and earth to ground main side and UVW to spindle side I will be OK.
    Spindle is 24000 RPM, 400HZ, 220V, 8.5A, 3 phase.
    My problem lies on the parameter side. I read the manual and I am not to confident which parameter I need to change and with what.
    Can you help?

    Thank you
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    there are usually only 4 important parameters:
    • Basefrequency (400Hz) - if you leave this to 50Hz you spindle may have a very short life.
    • Maxfrequency (400Hz) - so you're able to reach 24000rpm
    • Minfrequency (100Hz) - sets the lowest rpm (6000 rpm). You an go a bit lower but the spindle will have close to no torque below this point anyways.
    • Acceleration (and deceleration) time (1 or 2 seconds are OK)

    Be careful - VFDs are no toys - they can kill you even if you have an RCD installed in your house.

    2D / 3D CAM Software and CNC controller:

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    Important parameters required to Run correctly:

    Rated Motor Voltage. . . . . Set to what's wrote on the Spindle
    Rated Motor current. . . . . .Set to whats wrote on the spindle.
    Rated Motor Frequency. . . .Set to whats wrote on the Spindle.
    Rated Motor KW. . . . . . . . .Set to Spindle rating. (Next 2 probably Not actually required to work but best entered)
    Rated Motor speed. . . . . . . Set to Spindle Max RPM

    General setup parameters for correct speed etc:
    Maximum Frequency. . . . . Set to maximum you want to run spindle at, no higher than the spindle max frequency rating.
    Minimum Frequency . . . . . Set to lowest you want to run spindle. Setting to Zero won't hurt anything but there will be little torque left below 5000rpm or 84hz.
    Acceleration. . . . . Set between 2-3s . . . Don't set to these low else you may fault VFD.
    Deceleration . . . . .set between 2-3s

    Try these and should get you working.

    I also echo Christians warning. VFD's are not toys and never mess around with wiring while switched on and leave several minutes before touching after turned off. Even then don't go poking around too much has there are high powered capacitors in side which will spoil your day quickly.!!
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    Have they really got no bleed resistors fitted ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Roberts View Post
    Have they really got no bleed resistors fitted ?

    No rarely do unless asked for and often not needed has the tool size is small so inertia is low. Provided the DC braking isn't set to high it's never a problem. Try to accelrate to full RPM too quickly is what often trips VFD.

    Edit: Ah just realised you meant Bleed resistors for the Caps in VFD.!! . . . Yes probably have but still not something to mess around with.!
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    I found some time to read the quick start guide.

    I need to set up the following parameters:
    - bfr - standard motor freq - that suppose to be 400 - right?
    - npr- nominal motor power - what should I put here - 2.2KW?
    - ncr - nominal motor curent - 8.5A - right?
    - lth - motor thermal curent- no idea?
    - acc - acceleration - 3 sec.
    - dec - deceleration - 3 sec
    - lsp - low speed - probably 50 RPM
    - hsp - high speed - 24000 RPM
    Please have a look and advise.

    Thank you

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    Edited: Here are the Schneider ATV12 settings for the Chinese 2.2kw water-cooled spindle:

    bFr - 50 Hz
    HSP - 400 Hz
    nPr - 2.20 kW
    nCr - 0.8 LN (8.0 A)
    Allt - 10V
    UnS - 220 V
    FrS - 400 Hz
    nSP - 24000 RPM
    tFr - 400 Hz
    Ctt - PErF

    personal choice:
    ACC - 10 s
    dEC - 10 s
    LSP - 1.0 Hz
    rPt - LIn
    nrd - yES
    SFr - 16 kHz
    SFt - HF2

    Edit: regarding the low minimum frequency I like to have it from zero. If I need to touch the material in the old fashion, with a piece of newspaper, I feel more safe running the spindle at 1-3 Hz with almost no torque. On the other hand I managed to cut 9 holes in 20mm pinewood with this tool at 1500 rpm with 10 mm/min :)
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    I got everything running as it should be.

    Thank you Dean and Paulus V.

    Many thanks
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