1. Hi guys looking for advice, and which route to go, I'm currently looking to add a cnc to my workshop, a full size cut 1220 x 2440, or a half sheet size 1300 x 1300, ive looked at a few of the cheaper china made stuff, but I'm unsure weather this is a good option (Omni), or weather its better to get a uk made one, or even a custom built one.. Power wise it would need to be single phase, and suited for wood cnc, birch ply, mdf ect for furniture making. But if it can cut ali etc this could be a bonus and some thing to play with....

    I'm really looking for advise on brands to stay clear of, and brands that are good (re china) or uk equivalent machines, or a custom built machine.

    look forward to your advice...


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    Hi, i purchased an Omni 1212 over a year ok. Once its shipped they dont want to know. Unless you have some cnc knowledge i would stay clear as you Will have problems.

  3. Cheers Phil, Omni was one of a few ive been looking at, but lack of support is a concern. I deal with a few china based businesses on a daily basis. If you get a good one they are great, but others are poor. Like many other locations too. The main use for the machine is to do rebates, cut out parts, and pre drilling ect... I'm skilled on cad, and have been learning to create g code ect, but a total nube when it comes to actual running a cnc. That said ive been using hand held routers for years. so have a knowledge re cutters ans speeds ect...

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