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    It used to be that if I used 'Run From Here' command it would rapid to the start location at a safe Z height. Now it seems to descend to Z=0 to move. How can I fix that?
    If it's a fresh install Set the "Safe Z" settings. If not then no idea because it should be the same.?

    Edit: Doh didn't see you'd found it . . .Lol
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    Thanks Jazz. I didn't re-install but I did need to create a new profile.

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    I'd like to say thanks to Jazz for recommending the smooth stepper to me, even though my original post on the subject was about servo motors!

    I've got it installed now and cut a few things. The increase in accuracy is quite noticeable, even running at a higher speed. :)

    At the same time as installing the ESS I did also upgrade one of my motor drivers so that will no doubt help, but I've gone from rapids at 6m/s to 10m/s and cutting from 4m/s to 6m/s and still seeing higher accuracy.

    Worth every penny.
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    oh yar, ive seen the light SS all the way ....

    im cutting at 7m/s and getting faster

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