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    Hi all

    Been ordering bits and pieces all over the place. Made a start on a 700 x 450 flying gantry model router mostly out of steel. Sworn a lot, changed my mind about 50 million time and keep going back to the start. I'm taking time out as the dreaded thoughts of mark 2 are already creeping in before the first is finished (could of used of the material already used to build it) dam dam dam.


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    Hi Paul

    Welcome to the site

    Don't forget photo's when you start your build


  3. Hi Paul, Nice to see another Swindonian equaly mad or mader......No that is impossible no one is madder than I!!

    Have a look at

    I have taken 5 years so far, mechinics are simple but electronics is a real tough challange................especially as i am an electronics engineer, just cant do it.


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    Well Roger i have had a few weeks off with my project with hlidays and now returning to the end game by having a clearout and a new shed (have to keep the crap). We will have to catch up being local for a quick cuppa :-)
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

  5. Hi Paul,
    Come on over anytime i am not expecting to be out except this morning and sunday morning No Not church! Boot sales lol

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