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    Need advice on new machine, i am total beginner with cnc.

    Need for make pcb circuit with drilling holes. And easy software to work with.

    Price is 400-800 USD


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    Making PCBs this way is very slow, you know?

    IME it is better to use a professional fabricator -

    Unless you are making rather crude and large PCBs it's a tough job for a mill to do a good job. My PCBs have tracks only 0.2mm wide and similar spacing, that is a difficult ask for an affordable mill.

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    I use a combination of Eagle to do the design work and the pcb-gcode ulp to generate the necessary gcode files. For the small one off type of thing that I do as a hobbyist, this works fine.
    The ulp can be found either on the Eagle site or there is a yahoo group dedicated to it.

    AKA Country Bubba
    (Older than Dirt)

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    I need for small job. Maybe 4-5 pcs pcb year

    Example for my job.

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    It looks like those boards might easily be handled by Eagle Lite (no cost for a hobbist) and the ulp is also no cost.
    Might be a winner setup for you.

    AKA Country Bubba
    (Older than Dirt)

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    So it is free card for eagle lite?, Would be fun to try cnc , but no one has tips on a cnc router with good price and easy to use!

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    I built my router (about 330mm x 330 mm x ~50mm) and control it with an old DOS program called Turbocnc.

    The router was built with and aluminum channel and flat stock. I found some linear rails to use for the X, Y, and Z. Managed to get a spindle (only 70 watts but works for PCB work). used acme lead screws with derlin nuts for zero backlash.

    Works for me.

    AKA Country Bubba
    (Older than Dirt)

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    How many PCB can you buy for the cost of a router?

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    I do it because I CAN and want to do it. Its not a money thing. I do it to prove to myself that I can. A hobby is not all about saving money, sometimes it is proving that you can do it yourself. If it was all about saving money, I would not have any hobbies and simply buy whatever it is. Also, my hobby projects are typically one off types. I have no plans to manufacture a product. So I can go from a board design to finished board ready to populate in less than an hour usually. How quick can you get a turn around on the board (one off) that you want to buy???

    Its different strokes for different folks.

    AKA Country Bubba
    (Older than Dirt)

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