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    I'm agreeing with Jazz again, another huge disruption in the force
    Ah that explains the strange tingling sensation in my light saber pouch.!! . . . . . Twice in 3yrs.!! Careful we'll be getting talked about.!. .

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    Nice to see a bromance blossoming! :)

    you're right of course, to be honest I could just machine the parts out of aluminium and then once I'm set on the design I could have it machined properly. It's really only to figure out proof of concepts and prototypes.

    just out of interest has anyone used the Proxxon ff500 CNC? They retail at 4k+ but I found a German website where they're selling it at about 1900 with delivery. It would need a CNC controller but it has been fully converted according to the website. But it seems too good to be true!

    the manufacturers say it can manage steel and there are some videos on YouTube with people milling steel on one. I'm probably going to go with a smaller mill and stick to aluminium if not as a larger mill won't fit in my tiny shed.

    thanks guys


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    Oh no, this part is a childrens toy, not more,as long as you want to machine stainless steel.
    For not much more, you can get a really CNC-machine at Ebay but with destroyed control.

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