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    The way I see it, it is your thread but it would make sense to start a new thread with a new heading if it is a different topic. Or start a build thread and then you can keep all the questions in one place for your build. Its up to you.
    Neale I wasn't trying to correct you I was just trying to show the difference between using the pp with LCNC and Mach3 for the op
    The more you know, The better you know, How little you know

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    Quote Originally Posted by d4cnc View Post
    what shall I do about the PC situation?

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    Tidy solution! Almost worth buying that for the screen and keyboard/mouse alone ! Never mind the fact is a full blown PC as well..
    Though I think I'm gonna build a PC for dual use now with the motherboard I have.. with a dedicated drive for the OS for CNC stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by d4cnc View Post
    PPS. Is forum etiquette that if I have further questions regarding controllers or something, I should start a new thread in a more appropriate section? Or is it seen as more appropriate to continue on this thread?
    Naaaaa forum etiquette went out the window many moons ago around here.! It's free for all now you can do or say what you like provided your name don't start with J or D.

    Regards PC and dual boot/dual use then it's not a good idea really. For what they cost and the lower spec you'll get away with using an external motion controller you'll be better with dedicated PC for the CNC machine. Trust me You'll have less hassle this way.
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    Ah I was going to use a drive bay thing I have that I can slot in whichever harddrive I want.. One with a CNC OS.. one with everything else... That way they never officially "meet".
    I 'think' that should take the hassle out of a dual boot system.. but I'm not 100% sure..

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