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  1. Thanks for the responses.
    Quote Originally Posted by komatias View Post
    is this the article the OP is refereing to?

    Still not a particularly safe way of going about it. I wonder if Krytox would be good for the application though. Low viscosity, low evaporation and water based too.
    I did come across that article whilst I was researching into the matter.

    I appreciate ethanol has its dangers - I think, first and foremost, I need to get the ventilation in my shop sorted, no matter what I'm using for coolant.

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    The problem with ethanol is that the Government tax it to hell and back.

    If you cut it with methanol to make it poisonous and pyridine to make you throw up, you can escape the tax.

    You could spray it on to a tool tip but I have to wonder why. Are you sure you have the right chemical?

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    If you have to use ethanol, then use a good single malt. Avoid Ardbeg as it has too high a phenolic content and could cause a build up on the end of your tool.

    Cheers (hic)


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    'Meths' or 'Methylated Spirit' is mostly ethanol with a drop of methanol to make it undrinkable. Surely a lot healthier than pure methanol or isopropyl which I mentioned ealier.

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    Ladies and Gentlemen take very seriously the health and safety aspect of using any type of misting coolant.

    Apart from the said flammability issues, the slightest mist , even unseen can be breathed in unnoticed and once in your lungs, there WILL come a time when consequences will manifest themselves.

    Vent/extract any form of mist. DO NOT breath it.

    Any form of Oil/Chemical on the skin is not good and wise after the event is too late.

    If you are using coolants where there is potential skin contact, follow the instructions, Wear protective gloves or at least a skin wet (if necessary) or dry barrier cream and if using hand cleansers, in the main will de-fat the skin so use a conditioning cream.

    Those of you that will be expecting cracking skin when the weather turn cold will know what I mean

    50 years in the Oil Industry, I could write a book but if you have any issues... feel free

    Quote Originally Posted by matt-b2 View Post

    Has anyone here got any experience using ethanol delivered via a mister system when high-speed cutting aluminium? I understand that's what Datron use in their machines. At the moment I'm using WD40 which works but makes a horrible sticky mess when mixed with aluminium chips/dust and tends to stink the workshop out. I also have issues with the WD40 separating in the mister reservoir (the bottom of the tank ends up with white fluffy looking stuff floating around in it).

    Are ethanol fumes an issue? Where can I economically source ethanol, in appropriate form, a few litres at a time? So far I've only been able to find bioethanol (the purity of which I'm unsure about) and methylated spirits (which probably smells worse than WD40) in bulk.

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    Hi Guys
    Anyone using this
    Seems a far safer option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mekanik View Post
    Hi Guys
    Anyone using this
    Seems a far safer option.

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    This looks rather good. An exceptional potential alternative to a serious problem.

    Certainly for the home workshop maybe worth considering. Not seen the price though...look before a leap!

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    NO....Ever seen a Wine-o ? The "Urban dictionary" suggests a person who like excess wine...but in my experience, it is a Tramp who drinks Meths to excess to achieve oblivion.... but with all the added after effects! POISON.

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    I see that some folk tend to use coolants. Oil in water emulsions and maybe think that these are less harmful.

    Please bear in mind that apart from the chemicals and OIL within, there is an extremely powerful anti-bacteria and fungicide which again in mist can be very harmful. Even fully synthetics will have these.

    Don't be thinking you are safe...just don't be breathing it and you will be.

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