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    I wonder also if I can't improve the chip removal a lot, by using 2 nozzles blowing air. Therefore I could get away with a less powerful air pump? That coupled with the dust hood and vacuum sucking air.. do you think this setup could give a good enough chip removal on aluminium?

    What I'm not understanding is the power of the pump I'll need and if I need a tank system or not. And how big a tank. Is it a case of trial & error or are there some rules of thumb/formulas I can plan in advance?
    I can just about fit everything in if I use the Wickes vac (assuming it has the same dimesnions as its dearer model. and the 6l tank shown above..

    (the two nozzle system I see working well here..

    PS. the hood system I'm thinking or this one

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    Quote Originally Posted by routercnc View Post
    QUOTE[ When I was looking at all this ages ago there was some ruling coming in about maximum power allowed in future vacuum cleaner models (to save energy) so this could be something to do with the 580W version - but please check this before deciding.
    The EU ruling that came into effect in August 2014 limited the power to 1600W. There is a proposal to limit noise output to 80db by 2017. That would really f**k up a lot of manufacturers !
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    Quote Originally Posted by d4cnc View Post

    I can just about fit everything in if I use the Wickes vac (assuming it has the same dimesnions as its dearer model. and the 6l tank shown above..
    The Wickes 1250W vac sits in a 32x32cm square 43cm high if you do not have the castors and handle fitted.

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    Great thanks for measuring that for me. 32cm x 32cm could work. It all just about fits in the space I have alongside this 24 litre air compressor.

    I think I may go with this setup then. I don't think I can really get anything bigger..

    I believe that 24l one is similar to your lidl one? Does it perform well enough to remove chips do you think? How long does it work for when on constantly?

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    JTF is cheap WTF ! <50. That compressor should blast the chips right out of the frying pan ! I am never happy about running that type of compressor continuously. Maybe if you cut the airflow down enough to remove the swarf, but keep it as low as possible, so the compressor isn't working flat out, could work OK without burning out the motor.

    My little (A4) machine is a lot less industrial, the ACO388D pump blows directly on the work from as little distance as possible as I have a nozzle fixed to the spindle mount. The air feed tube is 8mm i.d. smooth walled to keep the air flow resistance down. It keeps the chips off the cutter and I use the blower gun on the airbrush compressor to blast it occaisionally.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I plan to use a solenoid valve to pulse air when I do the steel welded machine.
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    Haha, cheap to the point of .. 'where's the catch'.
    Apparently it's very much a 'buy cheap rubbish from China and sell in a warehouse' type set up there.. so not sure I'd trust it to perform great.. but it should give me a good idea of what I need when I buy its replacement unit! - worst case scenario. Or best case scenario, it works great and for a long time!

    I guess if it fails before 6 months, I can always get a refund, assuming I'm not misusing it.

    Yes your system with hose seems exactly what I want to do. As you say, keeping it as close to the cutter I think is the key. Maybe even two if I have space..

    Awesome. So that's a plan then! I've been stalling on building the table until I had a plan of sorts.. so will now start it I think. Off to the timber yard...!

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    One thing before buying that air compressor.. I assume it's an oil filled one.. which by all accounts are less noisy and run better. However require more maintenance. However I can't seem to find any info on what maintenance it will require..

    Could any one shed any light on this for me? I've never actually used an air compressor before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cropwell View Post
    I use these bits for ali (if the page comes up in german there is an option to change to english). They are open geometry to allow chips to clear. You can probably get them direct from China, but I haven't particularly looked.

    On my small machine (which I must get working again) I have a larger version, 70W, of that pump* and it clears the cutting area OK, but I also use an air blow gun on a LIDL airbrush compressor. I just use WD40 to help cutting.

    *3 years ago, I paid 35 for it from an eBay shop, called something like PondLife and you can still get them around that price It is the Hailea ACO388D.

    I also have a smaller air pump but I don't know the wattage, I will try it with the mister nozzle and see if it is powerful enough (I suspect not). It was not good enough for chip clearing.

    I just connect the vac up directly for ali as there is so little WD used that it doesn't matter.

    BTW I just have a Wickes vac and I have taken the handle and the castors off, so it fitted under my bench.
    For my first post I have to agree 100% about the Wickes vacuum !! I have one in the garage and am amazed at how good it sucks up chips, hell, it will even suck up spanners

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    I'm using a wet n dry vac from wickes works realy well and was only 40 quid , I 3d printed a dust boot I found on thingiverse it works great, first thing I've made for my 6040

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