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    Quote Originally Posted by Tenson View Post
    Does anyone have tips on how to remove the chuck on my WD13S pillar drill from Axminster?

    The spindle has a taper directly on the end and pressed into the chuck. There is no 'key way' to release it. Tapping a bearing release fork between the chuck and drill body only acts to pull the spindle out of its bearings.

    Perhaps a bit of dis-assembly lubricant and heat on the chuck? Any other tips?
    Well the wedges method is the preferred way, did you use two either side or just one, here is a link to the correct type, not sure whats going on with the price but I'm sure you can find others or make some:

    Here is a great video by a friend I follow on YouTube, he's doing a service on a chuck, uses the wedges method correctly and takes you through the motions and more:

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