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    For this purpose they have the, so called isolation card that is mounted on the side of the lenze controller heatsink. The 3wires left goes to lenze, the other to mains and 0-10V from CSMIO.
    If the motor should run in rev than you must wait, until complete standstill and maybe half a second, before you can switch the direction. Eventually you can add a second photo sensor and wait until no signal changes occur. Lenze wants a zinkoxid varistor, don't ask what that is.

    How do you have transformed the 5V from CSlab Controller to the 12V that the stepperdrivers want, I'll try to use the ULN2803 like in the 2 additonal stepper boards. But I don't know from the datasheet if they make a H or L output wih a H-input.
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    Yes the tool length differences are a concern but my vertical denford doesn't have an ATC so I have a rack with numbers on it and the program has text in to tell me the tool number and descripition,
    but that is why I want a tool setting probe on this machine I am hoping to be able to check/ set the tool length.

    the difference in voltage between the CSI lab and the stepper I don't know about because I had a chap helping me when I first got the machine a year ago, and he advised that the CSI labs equipment was the way to go as you can keep all the original motors and drives but after we fit the CS labs unit I think his personal circumstances changed as I cannot contact him now.
    he also owns one of these machines and told me there was only 16 made.
    i will take you some pics of the wiring, I cut the wires and connected them into where he told me, the machines axes were smooth and quiet at 5000 mm/min Rapids we then set out to rewire the spindle as when we powered the machine up the spindle was always running at about 100rpm with no command, and even when we command m5 still it run,
    but since then I have no contact with the chap so the reason that I so stuck.
    cheers for the manual,
    chris w.

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    Always 100 rpm is a bit slow. If you haven't a problem to switch the motor manually on and off, maybe with the front switches, than you can connect the 2 wires directly to the relais, like original. Than you add a 10K rheostat to change the speed from a 10V connector to a outer contact. The slider goes to the +10V connector of the iso-Board. If I come to the machine the next days, I'll make some pics how the switches are connected in original. The CSMIO Board have 2 analog outputs, you need only one for the speed regulation of the motor.
    If 16 machines are produced, then they are not so seldom, as I thought, but how much exists today?

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Ok from the existing wiring on the drives you can see where they have been connected to the CS labs and you can also see the "extra" wire I have soldered onto the connector,
    that hot wire you mentioned earlier goes to the large contactor (enable activated) which has a 240v wire to one of the contacts, so I am now in a position that I have no reverse (m4) but I have control of m3 but the spindle still runs slowly at power on I have got hold of the collet chuck in the spindle and it's not driven with any power,
    have you got homing switches on your machine?
    i have moved axes to their extremes tonight and marked it with a permanent marker to measure stroke lengths and see where is best to locate the switches, I found the CS labs mpg unit to be very notchy in movement I need to figure out how to smooth that out, but all in all much more positive about the machine now, thanks for your input guys.
    chris w.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uli12us View Post
    For this purpose they have the, so called isolation card that is mounted on the side of the lenze controller heatsink. The 3wires left goes to lenze, the other to mains and 0-10V from CSMIO.
    on the isolation card there Is a variable resistor do you know what this does,
    ie, could It stop my spindle running at power on?
    chris w.

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    I think the resistor is only to adjust the highest possible speed of the spindle.

    I would try to connect a rheostat (or potentiometer, if thats a common word in english)
    to connect between the 10V and 0-10V clamps of the iso-card. Then the spindle speed must
    change with the position of the slider. If this works, then you canconnect the 0-10V output from the controller board to the Iso-card. After that you must connect the Rel2 to the hot-wire of the lenze drive and connect Rel3 as a commutator between drive and motor.
    Attention, you must wait until the motor standstill and half a second or so, before you can switch the direction.

    In my machine I don't have any home or end switches, but I need to assamble some, it where better I can add some linear encoders, but that will last some time.

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    you are losing me with the modifications I cannot act that quickly (wife, 3kids and a dog all need a bit of my time) but I understand it, thank you, don't stop with the information!!
    more questions,
    on the large contactor to the right of rl 2/3/4 there is a red wire going in the auxiliary contact mounted on the top and an earth coming out can you see where that red is coming from, also the orange wire going in and coming out of the far right terminal, the reason for this is I need the estop and enable circuit to be right before anything else.

    I don't know how many machines exist today, I contacted boxford and I am waiting for a reply I will let you know.
    you are very helpful and thanks for the info,
    Chris w.

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    Boxford write to me, that maybe I have the only machine ever made, so don't hope to get any usable info from them. But I think from the numbers, they have made at least 10 or someone have said 16 machines.

    I hope, I come to the machine in the next days, then I'll try to draw a little of the wiring diagram at least for the parts, that are not exist in the 190VMC. Maybe the diagram for the 230 would be better, because this machine have a tool carousel like ours.
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    Hi, should I be seeing a voltage displayed on the Mach 3 screen when the spindle is running, it does display the commanded speed but no voltage.
    there is a sensor mounted on the rear of the spindle looking at a disc with holes in it I followed back the wires from that sensor and they go into a terminal rail but nothing comes out, is that sensor only for spindle synchronisation like ridgid tapping??
    if there is no voltage feedback could this be the reason that the spindle is creeping when I power up?

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    As I know the slotted disc is for feedback to the lenze drive via the controller board (the large board with many connectors) I don't think that rigid tapping is possible with this machines, and you don't have as much torque as you need for tapping. The motor has with the small toothed belt gear a maximum of 2Nm. That is enough only for M6 in Alu or M4 in Steel.

    I hope I come in the next days to the machine, then I make some pictures and a little drawing of the
    part with the motordriver. Why don't you use a Multimeter to see if the voltage is changing from your controller board. If yes, then something in the harness from controller to driver is not ok.

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