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    I have downloaded the additional manual for the Enc Box. There are 3 Encoder inputs and this part should run with the IP/M Box as well. What can I do with the third Encoder? Or better, is it possible, to connect 2 enc boxes to a IP/M? Than I had 6 encoder inputs 1 for the spindle and 5 for all the axes.
    I believe the IP-M doesn't support the Enc module.? This may have changed with new Plug-ins but Best firing Cslabs email asking before buying.

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    I thought, you have already tested, if the enc box is compatible.

    At the moment, I'll better try to get the machine running with a Mesa 7i76e that I have already here. That board have all in it what I can do with IP/M + enc + mpg + additional IO.
    It have as standard 5 S/D, 1 analog out, 1Encoder in, 32 DI, 16DO and from the DI, I can use 2 ports for a Mpg and another 2ports for analog in for feed or speed rheostat. Additionally I can add 2 other boards with similiar capabilities and to all this boards each a easier Board with additional IOs

    But for a further Project, it seems good to use a board, that don't have more in it, than what is needed.
    Mach3 as well seems a lot easier than Lcnc but is payware.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uli12us View Post
    I thought, you have already tested, if the enc box is compatible.
    Don't know why you'd think that because I've never mentioned testing Enc mod on any controller.?

    If you have Mesa card then it's a no brainer to me go this route.!

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    Assuming you are talking Heidenhain equipped Bridgeports I think all the controllers from the TNC150 forwards had the capability to add a forth axis. What you may not have is the relevant Bosch servo drive card to drive the 4th axis servo.

    I have a Beaver Partsmaster with a Heidenhain TNC 355 controller. I've added a 4th axis to this machine by using a Bosch servo card from a Bridgeport Interact. It works well - I've even recently got the FeatureCAM post processor to let me engrave text on the outside of a cylinder with it :)

    I've a build thread on another forum, but I'll have to check with the mods if it's ok to link to it, as I know some forums get a bit shirty about that :)

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