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    I suspect that if you look into it, the cheapest option might be to go for a three-phase supply to the workshop. It might be cheaper than a massive inverter. Still, you've got plenty of time to save up the pennies! Like everyone else, I'll be watching this one with interest.
    Already have and it's No go not enough spare supply they say. Daft thing is Sub station is at side of my house so would be easy to get into shop.
    Doing this also comes with other hassles like tariff is higher for 3 phase and I'd be pulling mostly just from one phase costing me more to run house and rest of shop. Then I have the potential of Counsil hassling me why I have 3 phase in a domestic building.! . . . Can of worms I don't need.

    I can run the motor from 240v no problem thru VFD but obviously I loose torque. i've had it running from 2.2Kw VFD already and with a little help from Jonathan I tweaked the V/Hz ratio and got it running with decent amount of torque at nominal speeds which is 33hz for de-rated setup. This still gave 1800rpm and couldn't stop the motor. But at higher speeds it dropped away to point not usable.

    But with 5.5Kw Vfd then I might be able to live with the de-rated torque and still have enough for smaller cutters at higher speeds.?
    That said I don't see the point of having a MONSTER MIll that performs like Fairy so would like it to be all it can be.!! . . . . If that means Aldi Beans on toast for several months then so it must be.!!

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    About bloody time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by audioandy View Post
    About bloody time!
    Sorry do I know you Ugly.!! . . . . Any way talk abart kettle calling Pot black bet that Old Iron ain't moved since last time I saw it. . .

    I'll give you a tinkle some time mate.

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    You are right Dean it's not moved, what I was going to do this summer!

    Now it's too cold.

    Catch up with you soon.



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    Any updates on how the chinese servos and drives are performing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gatesy View Post
    Any updates on how the chinese servos and drives are performing?
    Nope sorry still just spinning on the bench. . . . . But very nicely.
    Need 36hr days then I might get chance.!

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