i have a uc300 running a large router on uccnc
im so impressed im dumping mach3 on all my other machines
why?- the uccnc trajectory planner is amazing- even when running very fast (20m/min plus) there is no need to switch to exact stop! never rounds corners etc. carving is extremely smooth and accurate etc. (accuracy way better than mach3)
im running mitsubishi ac servos in position mode.
the only thing ive had is a bit of a problem with grounding- causing occasional usb drop outs- although never during a cutting job.
i have done a couple of hunded hours machining with it in nov/december and the only small bug ive found is with soft limits on my machine.
a video of tool length probing can be seen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0QyOS9BarM