Hello All,

I've been a long time lurker on the forum and was wondering if anyone could assist in my plans to converting my AMA30 to use belts. I currently have an AMA30 converted to CNC by Rhonmac-cnc which has been working fantastic for 2 years now, it is 4-axis ready but I only mainly use 3-axis.

It's been cutting a mixture of mild steel and (more recently) aluminium. I'm looking to upgrade to a Chinese spindle at some point with a 2:1 reduction to give a maximum of 10K RPM at the spindle, I'm just looking for opinions on this choice? The spindle bearings when cold are a little noisy so I'm looking to replace these regardless of the above, can anyone recommend any brands/types?

I believe currently the spindle is supported by taper roller bearings.

Thanks in advance.