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    The Muppet it!!

    Anyways, the wood prototype is basically that...a prototype, to prove that the part can be made. The aluminum part will basically "hug" the outside of a round metal pot
    which will allow the other side to conduct heat from a peltier cooling/heating device. That is the reason for the curved part. I somewhat agree with you regarding the vertical mill and using a boring bar. We just cannot visualize it. We do have a Grizzly Mill....with indexing: G0619 6x21 vertical mill. We've never done anything with a boring idea to possibly try. Our finish required is not super important...just can't have a real rough finish or the part will not have great contact with the pot and the conductivity will not be as efficient.
    In that case I would definitely go with a fly cutter / boring bar.

  2. Hi
    As per Rufe0
    To be honest for the application intended the boring bar option is the only way to go, you can then offer up the pot to make sure you are getting a full mating surface adjusting cutting radius to suite.

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