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    Duplicate. Please delete.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cropwell View Post
    The whole point about Star earthing is that it avoids earth loops. If you have shielded wires in a earth loop, you can get a current flowing in the shield due to different magnetic fields at places in the loop. This will act as half a transformer, with the signal wire being the other half. This could generate spurious signals and affect the machine in unpredictable ways. In audio applications, with high impedance inputs to pre-amplifiers, this is immediately obvious as hum.

    It does no harm to earth cases, in fact from a safety point of view, it is essential. I would also protect the mains input to the box(es) with an RCD. 30ma up your arm for 10 milliseconds is a lot more pleasant than it going up in smoke !!

    From the safety aspect - if your Estop is a NC switch then any break in the circuit signals as an Estop condition. A NO system, if it fails will not show a fault and not work when you need it.
    Rob I'm not getting the point of that post.? . . . . Do think I'm saying some thing different to what you are.!

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    Thanks Cropwell - That base only has a contact rating of 6A. This is a 10A relay.
    They do exist, but i can't really be bothered to buy / wait. Is there any reason why I can't solder the connections and heatshrink?
    I trust solder over screw terminals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mturneruk View Post
    I realise that I need to use 9,10,11,12 pins for one side of my switch connections.
    Do I use 1,2,3,4 or 5,6,7,8 for the other side? Anyway to tell ?
    Very easy to tell the picture shows you all you need to know. Just realise the picture is showing you contacts without the Coil energised. They just Flip when powered up.

    Take the First Contact 9 = Common 1 = NC 5 = NO
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    How's it coming on Martin? Any updates?


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    some real good information in this thread, one for the bookmarks I think.

    As Im sure many others have, Ive often thought about messaging Lee to get him to set up one page. Off this page, have diffinitive links to all the threads for each subject. For example this would be a great candidate for control box wiring. I can think of other threads where people have eloquently explained other subjects.

    I too will be adopting the circuit design Dean has so well explained on my mill. Thanks for all your patience on this one Dean. Keep up the good work and updates mrturneruk.... more pictures required!!

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    Hey guys....

    Ended up redesigning my room to fit in my new machine.
    Then I decided that I needed a new floor and that the walls needed painting, so I've been doing that. Workshop is looking great now!

    All the electronics parts are now in and the decoration is nearly complete.
    So hopefully get back on it in the next week or so.

    Here is a picture of the stand I am going to build, for my machine to sit on showing control box and dust extractor under the table.
    The machine has to be on wheels as it blocks a hatch door into my loft. I will need to be able to move the machine out the way for access.
    I have got a sloping ceiling, so I had to work out how high i could make the stand.
    Would like it a bit higher really, but this should be just about ok.

    Will post lots of pics of my build as I get into it.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	stand.png 
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    Just a thought. Would you say it's a definite no-no to run the shielded VFD to spindle cable in the same drag chain as the rest of the shielded cables to steppers / sensors ?
    It would be real ugly to have this cable floating around or to have two drag chains.


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    In an ideal world you run power down one side and signals down the other. There are lots on this forum happily running everything together. If your power cables and signal cables are all shielded then it should be fine.


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    Yes it's fine and if it's water cooled Spindle just try to put the water pipes between signal and power cables. Provided you have correct grounds then you shoudln't have any troubles.

    Edit: Doh didn't see neils post.! . . Same What he said. . .Lol
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