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    Just a small comment on the solder vs crimping or screwing.

    In high vibration environments such as in aircraft, drilling tools and military vehicles, it has been found that solder joints are more likely to fail. The solder wicks up into the cable and causes a hidden stress concentration and a slight heat affected zone in the copper. Also tin whiskers as discussed here:

    Depending on your application, my recommendation would be to see if you can crimp a ferrule boot on to the cables and use screw terminals. Also to note, some screw terminals are not meant to take a soldered cable in them.
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    A very interesting yet disturbing read, thanks for that

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    If you buy solder from China, it is generally 63/37 Sn/Pb, which avoids the whiskering problem. Commercially you can't use it, but as an amateur you are not bound by recent regulations to industry. If you are not soldering all day and everyday the risk is low.

    Most spindle connector plugs have to have soldered joints and I would recommend that you use at leat a 50W iron with a large bit. Low wattage irons and small bits don't transfer heat quickly enough to stop the heat soak up the wire. The faster you can solder a joint (at the correct temperature) the better.

    To echo and amplify the remarks of Komatias, you will need to cut down the joint flexing as it is more likely to fail at the solder due to embrittlement of the wire. If you can fit a flex limiting sheath (several layers of heat shrink will help) then you increase the radius of curvature at the flexing point.


    Rob tml

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    This is what I love about this forum, so much information on so many different topics by the members :)


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    God forbid - If the worst should happen with my machine and for what ever reason the sensors didnt read the end stop position or user error, what do you think would give first. Steppers ? Can't see the frame breaking.

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    Your trousers......;)


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    yeah I agree, your trousers would be needing some attention.
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    Fingers.!!!. . .Then under wear.. .

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    lol. Cheers Chaps. I assume you have never done it then...
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    I've jogged the Z axis into the frame sides slowly and caused the drives to fault but never (yet...) full on crashed it. Slapped the "OH SHITTTTTT" button a few times after forgetting to re-zero and the machine's taken off in an unexpected direction....


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