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    Just a quick question, I have my AM882 setup as follows.
    Alarm is set to active low and Enable is set to active high.
    The question is if the AM882 is not receiving an enable signal then it appears to trigger the alarm. Is this correct as manual only states that the alarm signal will only trigger on the following errors "Alarm signal: OC output signal, activated when over-voltage, over current, under-voltage, phase-error and stall-error protection."

    If i supply the Enable contact the red alarm led stops flashing, and as soon as i cut power to the enable it starts flashing again.

    Although ive not got a motor connected so could it be a "Phase Error Protection" alarm thats actually triggering?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gotty101 View Post
    Although ive not got a motor connected so could it be a "Phase Error Protection" alarm thats actually triggering?
    Count the flashes it will tell you the alarm code.

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    Thanks for the reply Jazz, it was a phase error as i was testing with nothing connected, whilst at the same time trying to work out the setting for the enable on the drive. Once i hooked up a stepper (or disabled phase error checking temporary) it worked a treat. Got to say the 4nm steppers are very strong.

    Ive got the cabinet almost finished, just got to do the controls for the CNCs front panel and then the basic wiring on the machine putting the plugs on the steppers ect and it should be done :D.

    Thanks again


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