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    How do/did the likes of Fanuc and Heidenhain work? For my use I just want a small PC fitted into the machine, that will just run the cnc control software, a set up the same as Fanuc and Heidenhain.
    They use Bespoke Hardware (and Software) designed by them. Pretty much Like Mesa Cards or External Motion control cards for Mach3.
    The early ones where based around a crude PC design but mostly just for the I/O interface to access HD etc but there own Bespoke hardware/software does the work.
    For instance I've got a HeindenHain Mk3400 Control which under the cover looks just like an old 486PC but that's has far as it goes it's just looks.!! . . . All the Stuff that does the business is on PCI cards and Dedicated daughter Boards in the Main control panel. The PC side does very little other than the display side and Store/pass files to the control.

    Don't expect modern Fanuc/Heidenhain performance from Linux Cnc or Mach3 because you won't get it.! . . . . . There is a Reason why they cost and it's not just profit.
    Thats doesn't mean Both Lcnc or Mach can't give them a bloody good chase but you have to realise they will always be behind.!

    Having the Same PC/Control Style in a box setup is easy enough with both programs and that's all down to you and how it's gone about.

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    Been having PC problems over the last couple of days. LinuxCNC PC randomly crashing after an hour or two. This has happened a few times in the past with this motherboard although I thought it was fixed after reseating all components. Long story short - don't rely on motherboard graphics adaptors (the LCNC website discusses this) and use a PCI or similar graphics card. Doesn't have to be very high performance but for some reason this gives much, much better latency figures. Also - make sure you update the BIOS before you start using the machine. I think that this is where my problems came from - old BIOS that didn't properly support a rather later cpu, even though it seemed to run OK.

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    This might be interesting for the people that want dual motors to home in Linux
    The more you know, The better you know, How little you know

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