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    now that is quality.

    Like how your tool speed is so much slower than your machine speed. so the rapids are really exaggerated.

    Also, love the join in the material on that plane


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    Quote Originally Posted by kingcreaky View Post
    now that is quality.

    Like how your tool speed is so much slower than your machine speed. so the rapids are really exaggerated.

    Also, love the join in the material on that plane

    Cheers Matt

    I've not got the rapids set too high 7500 mm/min I think, had it at 15000 on testing and it really whizzed I can't have the tool feed much higher as the quality suffers, it's even worse in balsa!!

    I was inspired to do the join by remembering Chris Foss Middle Phases have the very same thing, mine was done to cut down on Royal Snail postage costs to keep it within the small parcel size
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    Hi Neil,

    Good to see some liteply being cut - very satisfying to plug bits together using the tabs etc. and have it build almost in your hands. I know what you mean about mixing the inside profile and outside profile in CAM toolpaths. So easy to do and very annoying!

    It's been a while since I cut that material (more aluminium recently, plus some MDF and thick plywood) but my cutting speeds were much faster than that and quality was OK. Worth experimenting a bit more? I don't have much time in the workshop so time is precious.

    What cutter is that? I use a 2 'blade' TCT 3mm super cheap e-bay bit and it works fine.

    Building a CNC machine to make a better one since 2010 . . .
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    It's a carbide single flute 2mm cutter, can't use a 3mm as the slots are 3mm (would leave too much trimming of the slots to make them square) and some holes are 2mm. I've tried 2 flute cutters but they lift the balsa and ply too much. Also if I go much faster the splined joints don't fit as well. I'm still learning so no doubt feeds will increase once I get used to it!


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    About two years ago shortly after the purchase and repair of an old SCM 120 router my friend (who has a fibreglass works) showed me a schematic drawing of a Boeing 787 dreamliner and asked if I could make a 1:6.5 scale "plug" (pattern) for it. Of course I can I replied, convinced that he would never get the order for it - well I was wrong!!!
    Anyway, to cut a long story short I decided how the model would be built, drew it up using alphacad, machined the components and with the help of my friend and his workers built up the model in sections. Fibreglass moulds were taken from the pattern and three complete models were built, delivered and erected on the roundabout at Heathrow, terminal 4. I have shown some of the pictures to a couple of members of this site, but now that KC has started this thread I thought that I would share the project with forum members.
    As there are about 30 photos (I probably have 100or more!!!) I would like to post I shall taken it easy on you all and just post a few at a time.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCI0193.jpg 
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ID:	16694Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCI0198.jpg 
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Name:	DSCI0215.jpg 
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Name:	DSCI0231.jpg 
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Name:	DSCI0245.jpg 
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ID:	16698Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCI0279.jpg 
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Size:	326.1 KB 
ID:	16699
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    Geoffrey..... Wow!! just wow!. What a fantastic achievement! What were the fiberglass planes used for in the end? you mention heathrow? Are they still on display?

    Hate to say it neil, but this really pisses on your party. :rofl

    Geoffrey, you cant go from nothing, to building these... Therefore I am assuming this is just one of the projects in your photo collection, so while you have it open .....

    thanks for sharing.

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    That's fantastic!! Agree with you Matt mine pales into insignificance in comparison!!!! I think I remember seeing a plane on a roundabout when flying from Heathrow a couple of years ago?

    Now if they made larger model jet engines......
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    Matt, Neil, thanks for the +ve comments, but my efforts are no better than any others - I think everyones efforts are fantastic. I must admit that when this opportunity arose I was very keen, and am so pleased with the end results. The models are still on display at Heathrow, indeed 6 months after they were errected they were taken down and returned to the paint shop, redecorated in the new ETIHAD livery and re-errected on site. All three models are grouped in a flying position (on pylons) on the roundabout at terminal 4. After leaving the engineering/construction field in 1992 I decided to try to start up a modeling business, but my wife was not too interested, however when I said dollhouses she snapped up the bait!!! CNC machines were unknown to me until I visited a DH builder who had an old Wadkin cnc router. I was captivated. I had to have one!!! I purchased an old PCB drill-router, wasted many hours trying to get it working (I failed) and eventually bit the bullit, bought an AMC4 dedicated controllerand with the help of a friend converted that old machine that I love. A very strong fixed gantry 540mmx450mm 3 axis machine. I have built hundreds of dollhouses, miniatures and models (mainly dollhouse related) since then and even used alphacam to draw up the design for my new house and all the plans required for building regs and planning etc. I would like to add that I am self taught in all things CNC, but I am lucky enough to have a clever friend who has helped - thanks Graham.
    Anyway sorry about the long story (hope it may inspire someone) and time to post the next batch of pics. G.[IMG]desktop[/IMG]Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCI0279.jpg 
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Name:	DSCI0289.jpg 
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Name:	DSCI0292.jpg 
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Name:	DSCI0337.jpg 
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Name:	DSCI0358.jpg 
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Name:	DSCI0374.jpg 
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ID:	16706
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    Very very Cool.

    Geoffrey do the Cabin windows have lights in them.?

    Good job they weren't up here last night because they would have lifted off, Pylons an All, with the winds we have.!!
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    Hi Jazz, all will be revealed in the next batch of pictures!!! G.

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