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    This brings me to JAZZCNC point. The only real downside to this (other than building the thing in the first place) is needing a custom motor driver. Which is beyond most people yes but it's not impossible. Even a lowly 10 Arduino has the hardware capability to control many motors, more than you would need and the code has already been written, at least for 5phase anyway, it's pretty much copy paste to add more phases.
    Get on with it then and let us know how it works.!! . . . . Think you'll fine there's big difference between one drive running multiple individual motors separately than running multiple motors trying to be one single entity.!
    Then there's also difference between being able to do it and doing it well.!! . . . . I wasn't saying wasn't possible just won't work well enough so none starter.!

    Personally I would rather invest the time in something worth while and spend the money on decent Servo's if I needed more than a Stepper can offer.

    Also your Stepping analogy of a Servo is kind of wrong. Yes while it's true that a Servo is NEVER truely in absolute Position and always searching for perfect Position there's no stepping going off.
    The actual Positioning error of correctly tuned Servo drive/motor setup with resonable encoders is still FAR superior to what a Micro Step based system can provide with far superior torque/speed performance.

    That doesn't mean steppers can't match a Servo on accurecy but only upto a point then Servo wins every time.

    The Pulse requirements are much higher but still they are electrical pulses not physical detent steps like in stepper so don't suffer from resolution restriction like steppers have. There's only so many Micro steps one full Step can be broken down into before can't resolve anymore, or resolving more is pointless because resolution can't be achieved by the Stepping motor.
    Provided the Encoder resolution is high and your Controller can provide the Pulses servo motors don't have this problem so resolution is much higher and even thou they never actually reach there intended destination they get very much closer than any Micro stepped motor can.!

    Steppers do a great job and can be very accurate but only to a point then you need Servos and High count feedback for ultimate accurecy.
    That's why High end systems will use Encoders and/or Scales for positional accurecy.
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    Very helpful Jazz, I was going to write a scathing reply at the time but I've been too busy for the last few weeks. Hopefully I'll have chance to get a controller built over Christmas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rufe0 View Post
    Very helpful Jazz, I was going to write a scathing reply at the time but I've been too busy for the last few weeks. Hopefully I'll have chance to get a controller built over Christmas.
    Don't know why you'd want to write Scathing reply because I wasn't having a go at you in anyway I honestly meant "get on with it and lets know" nothing more.
    The fact we disagree shouldn't warrant a Scathing reply IMO.! If we all agreed on every thing Life would be very boring don't you think...

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