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    just keep entering pin mubers between 10 -15 in mach's E-stop Input.
    In scientific terms it is known as empirical determination, My dad used to say 'suck it and see'

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    Sorry for the late reply guys. Been in bed with a dodgy chest infection, no energy to do anything, i'm sure its the damn ecigs.....

    I set the estop to port 1 and pin 15 as stated in the manual. It was set to pin 10 in the first place when I loaded the xml and before fitting the estop. I cant remember if I tried it with pin 10 first. Will try when I'm feeling better. Thanks for the help. Really appreciated.
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    Just had a thought - there is a program called LPTTEST you can download for free, it tells you what the BoB is sending to the machine, so you will know what pin Estop is on and what state it is in when normal / pressed. Then you will know what to set in Mach. I built a tester some time ago with Leds and an input socket and a output socket - but I can't find it now.



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