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    Quote Originally Posted by komatias View Post
    No argument with you Jazz and yes real world influences play a major role. I was just strongly reinforcing the need to plan and that tools are available for this.
    No worries George just read like you thought I'd said DONT need Cad which wasn't the case. Like you I believe it's very much needed but only to a point.!

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    Thank you all

    Clive, I meant to say helpful comments in regards to the dimensions. I will draw the base and I will add according to your suggestion and see how it goes.
    Jazz, Vagelis is really nice, if he makes Great wine he is even nicer!!!

    With wood and soft materials in mind I will try to design the base and post the drawings hopefully in a few days time. No previous experience with CAD(I can draw simple things) but I will try my best.
    Plan is to start welding in January.

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    If it helps, the following is a Sketchup file, for the 8x4 router I built earlier this year

    sketchup file here ( )

    Dont be under the illusion this design is perfect, or suited to your needs. But if nothing else it gives the dimensions necessary to facilitate an 8x4 sheet with a Z carriage of 160mm

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAZZCNC View Post
    Vagelis is a very nice man he also makes Great wine please say hello to him for me.!!
    Dean and Argiris thank you for your good words.
    Argiris is the one who make me restart my project sooner as I expected
    I explained him about the community of and how the people here help help help, and the most important selflessly
    Personally i feel thankfull ...

    Quote Originally Posted by JAZZCNC View Post
    Good luck.!! . . . . . Oh and has the Lady's often find out Size really isn't everything it's how the tool is used which determines the pleasure.!. .
    Dean the ladies often tell these words to the "small tool" owners in order to console them.

    And a little story about "tools" that shows the superiority of the Greeks (here we laugh!!!) who think that we are the center of the world.... (here we laugh again)

    An African and a Greek stand on a bridge and pee. Underneath runs a river. They stand on the bridje back to back ( the one cant see but only listen the other).
    The African in order to vex the Greek says
    "I feel the river is Cold today"
    and Greek replies
    "And deep"
    Argiris good luck give us some plans.
    The creative adult, is the child who survived

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    Quote Originally Posted by ba99297 View Post
    Dean the ladies often tell these words to the "small tool" owners in order to console them.
    Oh yes Vagelis this small "Tool" has been consoled many times and the pleasure was all mine. . .

    Nice to see you back and would be even better to see more progress.!

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    Oh dear, I am not the only Greek on here any more. Vaggo, looking forward to seeing your cutting machine too.
    Machine tools and 3D printing supplies. Expanding constantly.

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    Kingcreaky thank you for the files.

    Looks really nice. Is it 3100mm in the long axis? Are you bolting the plates to the vertical frame first and then weld the cross members in place or have them made before with the 2 plates attached and then bolt them to the vertical frames? Can I pre-drill plates and side members using a jig in a bench drill then tap then start building the frames or I will be way too off?

    Being new to CAD I spend the last 3 days trying o design a preliminary plan of the base. My main concern was to be able to design it parametrically so I can change most of it on the fly without having to redesign it again. So far it works well even though the design structure is like spaghetti code.

    The base steel tubing is 60x 60 x 5 and the lower grid is 60 x 40 x 3.
    The top right and left tubing would be bolted to the base for adjustment purposes if that is an extra benefit.Then epoxy leveling .
    Any suggestions where to source the Hiwin rails? CAD files for them?

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Cnc_base_1.JPG 
Views:	68 
Size:	126.8 KB 
ID:	16877Click image for larger version. 

Name:	cnc_nase_3.JPG 
Views:	65 
Size:	160.5 KB 
ID:	16878

    Thank you all
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    Any particular reason your using so many cross members? Just out of interest how far are they separated? Its certainly not a bad thing, the more the merrier I would think, however I think it would be significantly stronger in terms of deflection to have fewer cross members that where triangulated to the bottom rails rather than more with no triangulation. Having more would be beneficial though because it would support the sheet more evenly along its length.

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    They are 311mm apart when the base is 2800 x 1650.I was thinking of having the lower grid of the base free for storing ply .

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    Looking good!

    The best place to get the Hiwin CAD models is

    Most cost effective way to get the rails and carriages is to go east. I would suggest that you get carriages with preload so they do not have any slop, it adds a bit to the friction but worth the extra effort.

    In order to account for distortion etc I would suggest you build, level and then drill. A hand drill with good bits and a drilling jig like you describe is good as long as you make provision to straighten the rails afterwards. Have a look at installation instructions from HIWIN which is similar to this NSK one for ideas on mechanisms to align and adjust for straightness and squareness, if you haven't already done so.

    You could have the top sections on bolts but what would be the benefit if you epoxy level and drill afterwards? From our conversation it seemed that you were not thinking of moving the machine around so stripping it down is not needed. I would have thought that, should you crash the machine, you would need to readjust everything including the rails. In a rigid system, you will potentially only need to readjust the rails.


    Machine tools and 3D printing supplies. Expanding constantly.

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