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    Hello, I am new to the CNC world and would love some help on a new second-hand CNC/Engraving machine i have, Its a Dahlgren System 4824 and the controller is a DSC 2000, i have no software for it and would like some help on the what software is compatible with with the machine. I am a guitar luthier/designer and hope to use it for inlays and fret boards

    Any help would be much appreciated

    Thank you


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    welcome to the forum.

    Others may say otherwise, but from what ive read I suspect you may be better off drawing a line, throw away the existing steppers, replace with new modern steppers controllers, bob and mach3

    done a bit of googling... nothing more than Im sure you have done yourself.

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    I think the same, I have found nothing of the control from the machine, some small pics of the machine itself, that was all. Maybe you can use the steppers, but need new drivers and bob. The rest is depending of your experience with Computers. In most cases you can either use Mach3(4) or Linuxcnc. LCNC is much more complicated, but you can do things, that are impossible with M3. But for a simple 3 (or2,5)-axis machine every controlprogramm should be more than capable. Can you make Pictures of the inside of the control cabinet, eventually they have used standard parts from which are datasheet are available.

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