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    I have just got my hands on a very nice Harrison M300 CNC with a very old hydenhine Control box . The box does not work but the guy who sold it to me got the machine to work using another box and it works very well . So I need to convert to mach3 ? Question 1 to all the experts , can I use the existing drive motors also can I use the drives . If not what size stepper / servo motors do I need . That's all for now until I strip things a bit and find more detail thanks.

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    Before you make pictures and give us the exact numbers and producer of the electronic parts, no one can say what you can use further. In many old machines, the parts were controlled with +/- 10V. In this case, you can use it, with a new controller board.

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    Keith give me a ring and I'll come have a look one night. Lost your number.

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    Thanks the lathe wont be in the garage until Sunday Will phone you then

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    Quote Originally Posted by keith wainwright View Post
    Thanks the lathe wont be in the garage until Sunday Will phone you then
    No Probs if you need hand getting it in let me know.

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    Hello I just got My Harrison M300 CNC into my workshop and I have exposed all the servo motors ,encoders and drives Do any of you out there know if I can run it with Mach3via some sort of BOB .
    I have a list if part numbers 1 Z axis motor is a SEM Permenant magnet DC motor Type 30E4-30 with constant stall torque of 2.1nm 80 volts pulse amps 22 Xaxis is also sem type 30H4 constant stall torque 1.1 nm 120 volts . Both z and x drives are Anilam model GA4561-7L . THE X encoder is an anilam L25G-250-ABZ-7406B AND THE Z ENCODER IS ANILAM L25G-200-ABZ-7406R-SPTO2-S. If all this makes any sort off sense at all please help . Initially I need to know can the mach3 thing be achieved then I can figure out with help how.I have now got 3 small lathes running of mach3 using steppers but this is new to me . Thanks

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    Got 2 New servo motors an one drive on today Z axis a tight fit but it clears by about 6 mm
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    In the next weeks, I'll experimenting a bit with several Leadshine DCS810
    DC-Drives. They can have 80V at 10Amps continous and 20Amps peak for 1 sek or so. If you don't have any manuals, then this parts can be good for your machine, although the Z-drive should be a little bit more capable
    They write for motors up to 400W, but your 2,1Nm motor must have (at3000rpm) 660W.

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    Hello long time no see. Been busy . This is the story so far . My Harrison lathe now has 2 new servo motors and drives fitted. Not wired to smoothstepper yet but they do jog on the buttons nice. Got smoothstepper and 2 breakout boards fitted and wired to index disk and all the limits .Just got 1 problem . All the m3 m4 and m5 commands work fine but speed commands are totally ignored and it spins as fast as the invertor will let it go . Got lots of gears but I would like to vary it a little. The volts on the bob's stay at 10 (both bob's) all the time 0 to 10000000 rpm its all the same . Any ideas its driving me nuts.

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    Hi Keith,

    I assume you are using a good quality multimeter to measure the 10V voltage. My Maplin specials do not average enough to give a good measurement. They always give a peak measurement.

    Have you gone through the spindle calibration so that Mach3 can write the linearity data?

    have a look at this one too:,15457.0.html
    Machine tools and 3D printing supplies. Expanding constantly.

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