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    Hello .I finally got servo motors and all that's required working on my Harrison m 300 . but small problem . The lathe runs great forward and reverse (m3 m4)and stops fine (m5) it displays correct revs and feed per rev ok. Both long traverse and cross slide work fine on the buttons .Problem is if I type Go z200 it only goes to about 48 and stops . It reads 48 ish but wont go to 200 or any size bigger than 100 There's nothing in the way and makes no difference where the zero is. I can jog past no problem . Also it does this in the middle of a program and loses its way it then very quickly runs through the program to the m30 command and all it does is giggle the tool a little . Servo motors work good and are very accurate over small distances . ANY BODY any ideas its driving me mad . Its all running and I want to put the covers on and tidy it up . It runs through a force 9 Ethernet smoothstepper . The computer boots up and installs the plugin no probs. Thanks Forgot to mention when it loses its way or stops in wrong place E stop wont work nor will limit switches . I have to have my finger on the power switch.
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    Are you typing G Zero or G small o as you have written it ?
    John S -

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    G0 From the numbers row . ie 01234 Its what I do at work thanks

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    keith re-install Mach and try again. It could be Mach's gone tits up.

    I had it do crazy thing on me other day in Mill mode. Was just like was stuck in Exact stop mode but it wasn't. Nothing I did made any difference and everything worked fine just machine was jerking it's head off.!! . . . Re-installed mach and away it went.

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    Thanks Dean that's what I had mind plus reinstall plugin .will do at weekend and let you know

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    Hello to all . Finally got it sorted ? The lathe was doing all kinds of crazy things , even the limit and e stop was dodgy. So I did a total reinstall off mach3 and smooth stepper drives. Still crazy .So I got the pc from the house and used that and its perfect. Does all the things it should . So got a used gaming pc ( fast processor and 8 meg memory) and that works fine too. Any one want a slightly dodgy ibm pc.

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    Made some bike parts today. Everything works well with the machine . The speed is correct and stable and the turning wizards all work fine. Then I tried to use the screw cutting wizard . 1 mm pitch is about 5 it cuts left to right and the clearance cuts the bolt . Its all reversed ?. any body any ideas

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