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    Why bother with the diode at all? Just another complication. The driver itself has overcurrent protection so if there is a wiring or motor fault, the driver should turn off and raise a fault signal. So all the fuse is doing is protecting the wiring if there is an internal fault in the driver. The fuse does not protect the driver - the fuse blows after the driver has already failed. So, thinking this through, the fuse will blow because of a driver fault, so you don't need to protect this driver any more, and the blown fuse will isolate that driver from the PSU and other drivers as well - if the PSU fuse hasn't blown as well.

    I just have a single fuse in the PSU feeding all the drivers, rated at the nominal capacity of the PSU. Anyway, will the back EMF on a fault be any higher than the back EMF in normal use while decelerating?

  2. Doesn't feel like it could be higher as the motors generate the back current and not the driver..

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