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    And I'm selling this for a friend. Ebay Listing

    Clarke metal lathe CL300M This is a metal lathe that I am selling for an old friend who was a hobbyist. I watched my friend using it about a year ago. But I know nothing about lathes, and when I tried to getting it going it would not switch on. Unfortunately heís not around to advise me anymore. I donít have a manual and donít know if I need to engage some gear or turn a knob a certain way to make it spin. It may even be just a fuse, I really have no idea.The chuck is free and rotates everything turns fine and it comes with lots of bits and bobs. Because of that Iím selling it as seen, no guarantee and no return. So it will probably sell for an absolute bargain and someone with a bit of knowledge will flip a switch and it turns out it runs fine.
    Iím putting it on with postage of a £30, because itís really heavy and will probably need a full courier service, however Iím happy for it to be picked up. Paypal only please.
    If somehow I figure out how to switch it on Iíll update the listing.

    **No postage outside UK**
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    I had one of these. There is a sequence with the switches and you need to increase the speed from 0. That works. Ensure the emergency stop is disabled too.

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    do you still have it? as it is marked as not available on ebay.

    Regards Poppy Ann.
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