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    A bit of an odd one this, but I thought it might interest a few of you on here. I came across this old handbook whilst re-homing a few of my dad's tools and other odds and ends. I'm guessing that it dates from the early '60s - around that time he'd have been a turner working as a setter/operator on a capstan lathe. The handbook smells of old-school industry and is full of useful practical info - minimising wear and breakage, re-grinding and point modification, hints for working various materials etc. - I'll add these pages to this post as and when I get 'em scanned. For now, though, here's a bit of reference for those of you who like getting into discussions about which bit of a drill's called what...

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    Excellent that Wal why can't we get that kind of information with tools today. If you ask for basic info like chip loads these days sellers look at you like got 3 heads.!!

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    I'm sure I have that one somewhere, but still use the updated ones.
    Updated ver. has ~ 80 pages.
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