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    Hello Doddy, thank you for your reply to my post.
    Happy machining and have a good Charistmas

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    Hello Jazz,
    Thank you for the help here. I could have explained things better in my post. My concern was if I had CAM software on PC (A) a PC that is on the net and produced G-code on that machine, then going to PC (B) a machine that is permantly off line could I be going wrong via perhaps having the G-code damaged whilst being created on machine A. I wish I had a external motion control but it is the old PP I have at the minute. Montion control for my next machine for sure.

    I don't know if anyone has had an issue but messages on here have stoped coming through via email.

    Have a good Christmas and thanks very much


    Quote Originally Posted by JAZZCNC View Post
    Based on the fact I know steve is running Mach3 then If your running an external motion control card you'll be much safer than running parallel port driven machine.
    PP based can't afford for any interupts from the system and Internet can be problem, esp if machine is low spec or tuned on the high side so PP is working hard.

    In all cases it's a little like playing russian roulet you never know when you'll get the bullet.!! . . . Often machien will give blip and the mistakenly gets blamed on something else when it's the Tinternet that did it in the background.!!

    My suggestion is to turn off the Wifi while cutting and then turn back on if you need to make changes to Cam.

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