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    Hi guys, Im a new member and pretty new to cnc. I have owned my AR3000 10ft by 5ft machine over a year now and the machine was originally brought from a company in Nottingham area. My problem is after they have taken my money they never solved my problems even over charged me by mistake and offered to send me tool bits because of the mistake. my machine is out of action again and has been for several months. Im determined to get this going. My problem is the preferences once set if computer crashes means homing and limit switches go out the window including auto z limits. I have paid on two occasions to fix this which they turned up for device oiled the machine set a few switches and it was fine again, only for it to do the same after a while when i have not changed any settings.. I'M SURE ITS MY OWN FAULT ALSO but i don't appreciate the lack of support from this particular company.

    WHAT I WOULD LIKE IS TO PAY A MEMBER THAT KNOWS MAC3 to come visit my workshop and help me out. is there anyone on here that can do that?? i paid the previous manufacturer 200 for service an set up anyone local to worcester west midlands that can help?/ please DM if you can help mike
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    Mike suggets you remove your number and just ask for people to PM you. Then give it out privately.

    If you don't get any response from members more local then feel free to contact me and I'll fix the problem for you.

    I very much doubt it's anything your doing wrong and more the fact they haven't shown you how to correctly recover or give you a recovery option in case the PC crashes and you loose your settings. It's not difficult and should take less than 5mins.

    That said your PC shouldn't be crashing either and once setup correctly Mach3 is mostly stable. Often Mach3 gets blamed when things go wrong when in fact it's often mechanical or electrical issue that's to blame.
    If your PC is crashing often then it needs replacing or sorting out. I also suspect (knowing this company) that your machine is using the Parallel port which is heavy on PC and unreliable which could be some if not all of your problems.?

    Anyway like I say if you get no joy PM and I'll speak with you.

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    Thank you for your reply. The company just left me high and dry no customer service really just rude. I have changed the PC so crashes should be less if it's that. Yes parallel cable and I suspect the same also. What upsets me is for over a year of owning it I have used once for a job. I only spent money on this as I was forced to work from home after my son was made disabled by mistakes by NHS and trying to work from home due to endless hospital appointments. It's important I get things going for stability of finances also www.mylittlespartan.com (my sons website)

    What I found is that it's loses its soft limit and would crash off the table continually running motors I have to reset to stop. Also bed needs skimming and they didn't provide a slimmer or how to set one up. Been useless really as a company. Appreciate your reply. Any help is appreciated. I took my number off easy slip. Thanks for advise. Mike

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    Ye I've butted heads with this and other company's that do just the same. Unfortunatly they are not in this game for the long term just the profit. More unfortunate for buyers is that they tend to build on the cheap and use infearior or inappropriate components. Using the parallel port is one good indication.

    I'll confidently predict that the parallel port is your issue. I'll PM you my number and expalin on the phone if you ring me as it's far eaiser.

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    sounds like dean has this is in hand, but if I can be of any use let me know, i work 20 minutes away.

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