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    I have got a problem with a motor driver that only goes in one direction. I have swapped inputs, but the same result and I have swapped output connectors to verify that the problem stays with that particular driver.

    The bad news is that it is a driver that is not available on aliexpress, so I can't get a direct replacement. The worse news is that it is a PD2064M from MD .

    I am running it at 48volts. There was no smell of magic smoke and nothing inside it looks amiss.

    Any ideas, or do I just bite the bullet and get new drivers ?



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    Have you tried putting 5V on the dir pin to see if it reverses I also have a faulty driver doing the same it could also be the opto blown if it has one
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    It's a good idea Clive, but the input to the driver is on an IDC 2x4 pin connector and the documentation is in Chinglish. I have had to make an adapter to fit these drivers to a normal BoB, as the original BoB went up the Swanee a long time ago. I have got 3 Parker Digiplan drivers spare, so I might just wire one in place. An alternative is to get this kit and use the drivers. I have now opened up the driver and taken the circuit board out. It looks as though it was made in a shed, the soldering is poor and there is flux residue everywhere. I have cleaned it up, but hold out little hope. The optos look like 1L6704, at least that's the marking on IC's where optos ought to be.

    I'll plug it back in and try it, just for fun.

    I am annoyed with myself for buying the original kit from those people in Devon as it was overpriced and obsolete when they sold it. Support from them was non-existent, so I would not even think about any help now.

    I have been trying desperately to get the machine up an running, as I have 18 carved wood blocks to make, and other jobs are waiting on it.

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    In this manual you'll find anything.
    page 8 is, how you must connect Step=CW and Dir=CC
    If I understand it right, free must be open or L if the motor should run.
    If you have problems with connection to the small 16 pin connector, there are single pin and socket wires from chinese dealers for breadboards.
    These parts you can use for connecting.

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    Hi - uli12us,

    It all worked yesterday
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCF1471.JPG 
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ID:	16933Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCF1470.JPG 
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    This is the adapter I made. I think the way forward is to get the 3 m542h kit and wire it up properly (with real wire !)

    Anyway it is late and I give up for tonight !

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    Rob Did you locate the problem then
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    No Clive, I just ordered the M542H kit for 110. The drivers I have got are rubbish anyway and obsolete. As I said in an earlier post (now archived), it is all out of date Chinese kit. The original BoB and these drivers were made by Tonman and there seems to be only one supplier in the UK who is selling a 3 axis controller box for nearly 900 with these inside.

    It saddens me that there seems to be a number of CNC machine makers in the UK who are basically rip-off merchants. Dicey practices seem to abound and companies are selling flimsy, poorly designed, over-priced kit to companies and individuals, who buy on the expectation of customer service and support. It is a world of CNC dishonesty.

    Happy New Year !
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    I see what you did there!
    Good luck with the new drivers from a non dicey dealer and happy new year.

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    Careful don't complain too loud about Dicey Merchants in the south western World of CNC ripping forum users off because you'll be getting your coller felt from the advertising gestapo . .

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    And so say all of us
    The more you know, The better you know, How little you know

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