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    Hi just bought a Wabeco CC-F1410 HS. beautiful machine but the NCCAD7.5 pro is unusable, I have purchased an upgrade to NCCAD9a which is a huge improvement. But struggling to activate U-axis has anyone had any experience with this version. I would appreciate any help!

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    Hi and welcome to the forum :) I'm guessing that not many (if any) people have experience of the software you're talking about which is why I guess you've been met with a wall of silence...sorry. Hopefully there is someone out there who has experience using it.

    All the best...

    Build log...here

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    Hi Neil,
    Thanks for messaging me, I managed to get the info from the factory in the end. I thought there must be another poor soul using NCCAD9a. im saving pennies for a better CAM package ie Siemens CAM express.

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    fusion360 from Autodesk should be a cad/cam package, that you can use without spending much money. But I don't have experience with it.

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    360 is really good, there's quite a few tutorial videos on YouTube and more planned for the future.

    There is also a "hobby" option for registering and that gives you the program for free, after 12 months you just have to renew as for hobby use and your off again :).

    It's what I recommend to people now when asked, it takes care of the CAM side of things to.

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