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    Neile I am a bit concerned here. You say the o/p is 68V DC that equates to a 50V (roughly) AC transformer. Does your transformer actually say 58V on it!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clive S View Post
    Neile I am a bit concerned here. You say the o/p is 68V DC that equates to a 50V (roughly) AC transformer. Does your transformer actually say 58V on it!!
    The PSU in question was bought from Zapp and is the PS806-5, nominal outputs 68V and 5V. They don't list this one at the moment but it is probably near-identical to the current PS806-12, the only difference being that mine has an auxiliary 5V output and the -12 has a 12V auxiliary. The listing and the PSU itself both say 68V DC. However, looking more closely at the transformer, I might have made a boo-boo. It has a tapped secondary with both 58V and 48V outputs. I know that only two of the three transformer secondary connections are in use and without thinking this through properly, I assumed that these were the 58V connections. However, the 48V AC would indeed give a peak voltage of around 68V off-load. I would check the colours of the tap wires in use but they are in Chinese... I'll try checking with an ohmmeter later but measuring slight resistance differences in a low-voltage high-current secondary might not be conclusive.

    In the meantime, Rapid are living up to their name and the new transformer is already in transit. Might be sending it back for exchange...

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    Rapid are trying to stop delivery of previous order, and I need to order the correct item.

    So, it is the view of the committee that I should get a 50V transformer (nominal off-load 70V DC) or drop to 45V (nominal off-load 63V DC)? I'm currently using drivers rated at 75V but shortly moving to 80V EM806. Would the lower voltage be noticeable in practice? It's certainly the safer option but I don't have enough experience of these things to know whether this will matter.

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    Neile Yes it will be too high and not worth the risks for the drive. I obviously did not get myself across sorry about that. 24 - 24V would be better or 48v or 50V secondary

    edit just read your last post 24-24 or 48V is what you need.
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    New transformer fitted and all working again. I bought a 2x45V 625VA toroidal from Rapid Online. Off load, it gives 50V AC per winding, partly because it has a 230V primary and my mains measures (today, anyway) 241V, and partly, I assume, to allow for voltage drop on load to bring it down to the nominal output value. Off load and connected to rectifier/capacitor, it gives around 68V DC. I haven't measured DC voltage on load as this is somewhat difficult to do, but I did connect the control box to the mains via a power monitor, just out of interest. I have two NEMA23 motors, one driving the relatively light MDF gantry and one for Y. Max load while cutting (light cuts in some old oak) and 500mm/min was around 120W, full rapid speed (but that's only 900mm/min) around 160W. Quiescent (nothing moving) is around 40W. I don't think that the transformer is being over-stretched, but the intention is to move this to Mk2 router when complete and it's been sized more for that.

    Anyway, I thought that a few actual measurements might be of interest.

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    Neale glad you managed to change it, happy cutting

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