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    A new Benchtop PRO CNC from cncrouterparts.com. Only used few times for 5 min demos. Fully configured and operational.

    This machine has the 4-Axis Digital Plug and Play Nema 23 System, Homing Switch Kit, Auto Z Touch Plate, Bosch 1617 Router and the mount already fitted and operational, Dust Collector, Lenovo laptop configured and running MACH3 to interface with the CNC machine using USB.

    For Videos, check out cncrouterparts.com and look for Benchtop PRO kit. Over 2000 savings when including all items/shipping/duty and VAT.

    Price 2800, Pickup and viewings in Ealing London. PM or call or leave a message on 0203-608-1800

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    EDIT: The full size 8'x'4' machine kit is now SOLD. The Benchtop PRO CNC machine above still available.

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    This machine is now sold

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